The Accident

Jumping into his car, the old golden Mercedes SSK, he fixed his clothing, placing his forehead on the wheel of his car and taking in deep breaths. “Someone with a golden heart” an “Angel”. He was none of these things. He was a demon. The proof was in his purple eyes. In his demeanor. Everything about him was wrong. He could feel the senselessness of himself. The woman in his home. The woman he had on the side. The women he loved but remained unattainable. He was driving himself up a wall. His lust. His love. His sex. his craving. It all became too much.

Stepping on the gas he nearly hyperventilated, the road swimming before his eyes as he barely was able to swerve past a few oncoming cars when he drifted into the other lane. What was he supposed to do? Who was he supposed to do? He had one girl who was possibly falling for him. But that’s not what he wanted. He knew he would end up hurting her. He couldn’t make anyone happy. He just couldn’t. Ever.
And shit there was another girl who’d fallen for him. Two of them looking at him like he was a prince. It was insane. it was all insane. If he could rip himself open and show them how despicable he was on the inside he would do it in a matter of seconds.

Taking a turn a little harder than he meant to his hat fell off the seat along with a small thunk of the whiskey bottle that had been sitting there all day. Empty. His blood alcohol level was skyrocketing. And hitting him quicker and quicker due to an empty stomach.

Looking down he bent at the waist, reaching to get it. And not seeing the fatal missile propelling towards them. The semi-truck that hadn’t made the turn in quite enough time and was running the light due to a tight schedule. Running straight into the drivers side door and propelling him out of the hoodless, antique car, flying amongst the bloody glass shards and crushed metal, over railing, and falling onto the sand of the beach. His body screamed in pain. Inhuman pain. As onlookers screamed at seeing his battered, bloody body lying there. Barely breathing he began to laugh and softly whimpered. Tears floated to his eyes. This would be death for a human. But not for him. And as the paramedics siren came into earshot…he fell into the blackness of unconsciousness.